Kuvasz Kennel "Vom Quecksilber"

    Uncrowned king
    of his pack...

Lázár vom Quecksilber

Born on the 16th of March 1992, licensed stud male ("gekörter Zuchtrüde", the "Körung" is a breeding suitability test), HD C, Multi Champion, from Multi Champion Zsámbok-Szépe Geri, HD A, World Winner for five times, and Jácint-Dschuma vom Quecksilber, Luxembourgian Champion. Lázár is the father of our above-average O litter and of the Gödollökerti Barat H litter in Hungary.

Lázár is the uncrowned king of the pack, balanced, kind and self-confident, unaffected by petty quarrels -"ein Fels in der Brandung", a rock in the breakers, as a German proverb says. His trust in his human pack is enormous, and humans may trust him accordingly.

After a period of 30 years, Lázár was the second German stud dog to be used for breeding purposes in Hungary. Mrs. Hudak met him on the world meeting of Hungarian shepherd dogs in Kecskémet/Hungary 1996. Being the best-muscled Kuvasz with the best coat quality, Lázár was awarded a special cup at this occasion. Mrs. Hudak sponteously made up her mind to use him as stud. One year later, on the great dog show in Budapest in Mai 1994, a male of this litter became "Ungaria Prima Junior"; descendants of this male were also used for breeding purposes in Hungary.

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