Kuvasz Kennel "Vom Quecksilber"

    An incredibly charming,
    roguish crook...

Osiris vom Quecksilber

Born on the 16th of July 1996, licensed stud male ("gekörter Zuchtrüde", the "Körung" is a breeding suitability test), HD-A, from Lázár vom Quecksilber, Multi Champion, HD-C, and Kátjusá vom Quecksilber, Multi Champion, HD-A.

All but one puppy of our 0 litter went to friends. Osiris, call name Schnürz, stayed with us in Dünfus. He is the smallest und most slender of our males, at the same time being the most high-spirited dog of the pack and a very typical Kuvasz male.

Schnürz will jump 2 meters high from a standing position, he is quick and extremely agile, an incredibly charming, roguish crook, always watchful, but without any aggression. We don't have a clue, where all his energy comes from. A single fly landing on the bowl is sufficient, and he won't even touch the most delicious food.

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