Kuvasz Kennel "Vom Quecksilber"

Shadias Mutter Nemesis

Shadia vom Quecksilber

Born on the 13th of April 2001, from Quadragon vom Quecksilber, HD-A, OCD free, ED free, and Nemesis-Jácint vom Quecksilber, HD-B, OCD free, ED free.

Shadia is a daughter of our Nemesis and a granddaughter of Kátjusá and Jácint vom Quecksilber. Shadia is a tribute to her grandmothers. Being an enthusiastic and curious, charming and self-confident young Kuvasz lady, she knows exactly how to wrap her human dad around her little finger.

Her appearance and type remind us of Kátjusá vom Quecksilber - comparing photos of Jüjü and Shadia at the same age, the similarity is astonishing. Shadia's vivid temperament as well as her affectionate and open character come from Kátjusá, her strong bones trace back to both her grandmother Kátjusá and her father Quadragon.

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Shalima and Shadia
Shalima and Shadia...
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Shadia, September 2001

Shadia, September 2001