Kuvasz Kennel "Vom Quecksilber"

    Calmness is the key to strength...

Lázár vom Quecksilber

Lázár vom Quecksilber died on the 21st of March 2001 at the age of nine. He left us unexpectedly and much too early. I had the chance to make his acquaintance at Mariette's and Stephan's place, and I know I was not the only one hoping for a Kuvasz puppy from Lázár vom Quecksilber. He was a successful show dog and much more than that. Lázárs most distinguishing characteristics were his wonderful personality and his character.

Although Lázár was a very imposing Kuvasz male, he has never had any problems winning the confidence and friendship of all his visitors. "Läzchen" was one of those dogs that immediately inspire confidence to everyone - even to those who usually react cautiously or even afraid when meeting a dog, especially one of the large breeds. He combined charme and friendliness with a straight and resolute personality, calmness and composure with a lot of temperament and high spirits. Lázár was a great among the Kuvaszok, an alpha male with a leader personality that is rarely found among dogs and humans.

Ih. Wojak

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Láisá, Magor und Lázár