Kuvasz Kennel vom Quecksilber

    Today, our unlucky fellow
    is a high-spirited, healthy
    and sound Kuvasz male...

Nesztor vom Quecksilber

Born on the 3rd of Mai 1995, Nesztor is a licensed stud male ("gekörter Zuchtrüde", the "Körung" is a breeding suitability test), HD-A, from Akacparti-Nemes Ali, HD-B, and Jácint-Dschuma vom Quecksilber, Luxembourgian Champion, HD A.

Nesztor is our unlucky fellow. Only six weeks olds, he suffers a rupture of the tendon joining fibula and knee joint. It was a traumatic injury, not caused genetically. Still surgery is necessary. We set up a playpen on the terrace, so that he can socialize with his sisters and brothers, if only from behind the bars of the playpen. Shortly afterwards, rough dog games in the garden result in a large haematoma.

Another surgery and again complete rest with no exercise. Finally, Murphy's Law, a third operation is required: When Geri tries to teach him some dog manners, Nesztor falls unhappily against the edge of a plank the dogs are usually lying on. His shoulder has been cracked.

Due to the first and very difficult months of his life, Nesztor bonds closely to his human pack and tends to be a little bit jealous - four pawed strangers, please show a bit of respect, do not come too close. In his young years, he was somewhat timid with strangers.

Nothing is left of his original shyness. Today, Nesztor is an open-minded dog. He heartily welcomes all our visitors and will happily lick the face and ears of everybody giving him the chance to do so. Nesztor doesn't bear a grudge against the vets. His behaviour in the vets office is exemplary, although he still shows a certain preference for female vets... Against all odds, our unlucky fellow is a healthy, sound and vivacious dog today!

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High-spirited, open-minded, and occasionally a bit clownish...